Debit Card

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Debit Card

Who wouldn’t want to make their day a bit easier? Thanks to your FCCU Visa debit card, access to your checking account just got easier.

Wherever you see the Visa® logo, use your FCCU debit card. Your card can be used like a check, credit card, cash, or ATM card. Use it at the gas pump, the checkout line, your favorite restaurant, or for immediate withdrawals at an ATM.

Benefits include:

  • Swift swiping or tapping
  • No check buying
  • Automatic deductions from your checking account
  • No monthly fee
  • No annual fee
  • Visa buyer protections

Use It To Make Purchases:

Pay by check without writing one? You got it. Your FCCU Visa debit card offers you the convenience of access to your checking funds without the hassle of carrying a checkbook, writing a check, and waiting for approvals. It’s the easy way to pay by check­—without writing one—and it’s accepted for purchases everywhere the Visa logo is displayed.


Use It As An ATM Card:

You can make cash withdrawals. Simply look for ATMs displaying one of the following logos:

You can even use your card at supermarkets, service stations, restaurants and other point-of-sale terminals located at check-out counters wherever you see the above logos.

Apply for your card online or in person

You can apply online through your FCCU home banking service. Once you’ve logged into home banking, simply click on the Secure Forms icon (make sure this works as stated) and complete the short application. You may also apply in person at any of our branches.