Money Market, CD & IRA 

Money Market, CD & IRA 

The way we see it, one-size-fits-all financial solutions are a bad fit. That’s why FCCU offers flexible options that meet your lifestyle and saving habits. From easy-access money market accounts to higher-earning CDs and special IRAs for long-term saving, FCCU is your choice for financial growth.

Earn dividends on your savings with our federally insured Money Market account! Earning more on what you make has never been so easy!

Looking for an investment option that can keep up with the stock market, all while not being as volatile? A Certificate of Deposit may be for you!

It's never too early to invest in your retirement. Take advantage of an Individual Retirement Account to safeguard your savings from inflation and taxes!

Meeting with an FCCU expert is as easy as selecting the location, convenient time slot, and preferred day and adding your contact details.